Mr. Darrick Pollich

When Mr. Darrick Pollich is not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, he can be found hiking through the Hollywood Hills or paddle boarding on the Pacific Coast. This world-renowned chef has been featured in publications such as Los Angeles Magazine and was recently voted as one of the top five personal chefs in Los Angeles. His unique style of cuisine has won him many fans, both locally and internationally.


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Best Ceiling Fans For Large Room For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

Ceiling fans have already been a familiar fixture in many homes. As time goes on, home appliance makers are increasingly launching new fans with various styles and significantly enhanced cooling capabilities. Now, Let's take a look at some ceiling fans for large rooms with Powell's Sweet Shoppe.

The Best Tv For Computer Monitor November For 2022: Top Rated

PCs today are being tried by many people to upgrade from keyboards and mice to machines or monitors. Because the more they are upgraded, the smoother and more powerful they become. And how smooth it is, the screen matters. Let's find out and experience the best tv for computer monitors with Powell's Sweet Shoppe in the TV & Videos category.

Best Tv For Bright Room For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

Bright rooms are usually not convenient for you to experience big movies or matches. This is because light will reduce the TV's ability to reach your eyes. However, that will no longer be a problem when you come to Powell's Sweet Shoppe. We will present to you the best tv for bright room in the TV & Videos.

Best Tv For Campervan For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

With campervans, TVs that are too big won't be ideal. So what it needs will be a TV that is just right, neither too big nor too small. To meet that demand, Powell's Sweet Shoppe brings you the best tv for campervan in the TV & Videos category.

Best Tv For Bedroom For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

Watching TV & videos is becoming a popular bedroom addition for people of all ages. As a result, many TVs now come with features designed explicitly for bedroom viewing. So let's find out some best smart tv for bedroom.

Best Tv For Antenna Reception For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

The best tv for antenna reception lets you view local news and sports without paying for cable service, or they can add other channels to services like Sling TV, including FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and others. Here are some suggestions about TV & videos you should consider buying.

Best Tv For A Dorm Room For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

Your time in college is an exciting one. After graduating high school, you're moving to a new location to pursue higher education. But let's not assume you will spend your entire school day studying. It's good to relax with a show or movie after finishing the day's work or to invite some friends around to play some games. You'll require new TV & videos for that. We will suggest below some best tv for a dorm room.

The 10 Best Tv Under $700 For 2022]

This list is just what you need if you are now in desperate need of the most fantastic TV & videos for under 700 bucks. To choose a model that suits your requirements, we have compiled the best tv under $700 with various screen sizes currently available on the market.

Best Tv Under $500 For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

A few years ago, the chances were that you wouldn't be able to locate any great TV & videos for less than $500. Depending on your application, you can find inexpensive versions in this price range that can serve you well, even though the finest ones are still more expensive. The best tv under $500 will depend on your usage and space restrictions. Since smaller TVs often cost less regardless of size, you'll have to make some performance sacrifices if you want a giant TV in this price range.

The Best Sony 4k Tv In 2022: Top Picks

Sony has always been known to users as an extremely quality brand. If you are looking for a 4K TV, you should check out some of this company's TVs. Powell's Sweet Shoppe will help you find the best sony 4K TV in the TV & videos section below.

Best Sony 55 Inch Tv For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

On the market today, there are many manufacturers of good quality TVs, one of which is Sony. If you are looking for a TV of this brand, check out some of the best 55-inch sony TVs in the TV & videos category. Powell's Sweet Shoppe bring you information about the best products right here.

Best Smart Tv With Bluetooth For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

There have been many smartphones and tablets, and TVs are still selling a lot in the market, and they are getting better and better in both form and technology. The types of connections we previously only saw on phones, such as blooth and wifi, have now appeared on TVs. If you also want to own the best smart TV with Bluetooth, then Powell's Sweet Shoppe can help you with the following product information in the TV & videos category.

10 Best Smart Tv With Roku For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

The best Smart TV with Roku is some of the most user-friendly smart TVs on the TV & videos market and often some of the cheapest. They have a great store of apps, including all the top streaming services, that can rival any high-end smart TV on the market. To help you keep track of the best Roku TVs, Powell's Sweet Shoppe have rounded up the best models to deliver Roku's incredible picture performance and easy-to-use innovative platform.

Best Smart Tv Under $500 For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

One of your most significant purchases will probably be TV & videos, but that doesn't have to be the case because you can get some best smart tv under $500, even though the majority of big-screen TVs will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Best Smart Tv Under $300 For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

This guide can assist if you want the best smart tv for under $300. Smart TV & videos are a luxury. These televisions have been updated with cutting-edge technologies and are fully working. You must be aware that a television will become more expensive as it becomes more sophisticated.  However, you may invest in these televisions for about $300 and get a high resolution, good picture, and better internet connectivity. You may connect your internet dongles and install various apps on them. These smart televisions have everything you could be missing from your regular ones. Here is a list of various TV sets you might want to look at to aid you in making your decision.

The Best Smart Tv Prices In 2022: Top Picks

Owning a cheap smart TV is not far away for us. You can get a TV with all the modern features for a small amount. And to help you have a more comprehensive view of buying the best Smart TV prices, Powell's Sweet Shoppe will provide some information on today's TV & videos category.

Best Smart Tv Platform For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

If you buy a new TV, it will most likely be the best smart TV platform. This means it connects to the internet without needing an extra set-top box or streaming device and lets you access your favourite apps, catch-up services, and streaming platforms. There are different operating systems built into many of the best smart TVs. Powell's Reviews gives the top 5 smart TV platforms in the TV & videos list.

Best Smart Tv Interface For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

When you buy a new TV today, it will most likely be a smart TV. Besides TV & videos, it can connect to the internet without needing an extra set-top box or streaming device and lets you access all your favorite apps, catch-up services, and streaming platforms. So it's essential to know the best smart tv interface.

Best Smart Tv For Streaming For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

All new 4k TVs have an intelligent platform. Some manufacturers choose to use proprietary platforms, while others prefer to integrate third-party options like Google TV, Android, or Roku. Either way, besides TV & videos, the selection of apps is excellent, and the most popular streaming apps are available on most platforms beyond TV and video. What you see below is the best smart tv for streaming.

Best Smart Tv For Seniors For 2022: Rankings & Reviews

With age, participating in any physical activity can be especially difficult, which is why many seniors turn to TV & videos for entertainment and to make time for those long days. However, finding a suitable TV can be daunting for many older people who arrive late at technologies and features. Here, we'll find some of the best smart tv for seniors.