Powell's Long Beach

Our Story

Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Long Beach, California opened in the late spring of 2008 in the charming beachside community of Belmont Shore. Longtime southern California residents, Nicholas Manalisay and Judi Smith knew immediately that Second Street, the main corridor of the Belmont Shore business district, would be an ideal fit for Powell's Sweet Shoppe business concept.

Nick and Judi "discovered" the original Powell's Sweet Shoppe soon after it opened in 2003 while visiting relatives in Windsor, California and fell in love with the store.  From the old fashioned retail model where you know customers by name, to the creative, fun, interactive design including spectacular inventory and family friendly environment, the store smelled of sweet success! Southern California definitely NEEDED Powell's Sweet Shoppe and it was up to Nick and Judi to 'bring one home'!

Since opening in April 2008, the Belmont Shore community has warmly welcomed Powell's Sweet Shoppe to "the Shore" as the locals say!  Our customer base is as diverse as our inventory, ranging from little children eager to try the wacky sweet stuff, to older folks looking for their childhood favorites.  Powell's has certainly gained recognition throughout the community and a reputation of good old fashioned fun! We are known as, "The best store on the Shore"!

Stop by and say "Hi!"  We look forward to meeting you!