Powell's Laguna Niguel


Our Story

The candy magic started about a couple of years ago when our family visited my cousin Kathy's 50's diner in Windsor, CA. As my wife Victoria, my son Cody, and I ate our scrumptious lunch, we admired the great 50's decor in the diner. My cousin Kathy said, "If you think this is cool, you have to check out the Powell's Sweet Shoppe across the green".

We trekked over to Powell's. Just as we walked through the front door we felt an immediate 'perma-grin' across our face! There was just something about the place that makes you happy! Wow, the candy music, the old fashioned decor, the old time candy stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We were amazed by the old fashioned toys, 5000 candy products, old time sodas in bottles, and all of the smiles and laughter. I (Randall) felt like I was finally home or back to my fondest childhood dreams!

As we checked out the store "for over 3 hours", Victoria added, we could only hear the words, "Remember this when we were kids" from other customers shopping the store. We even sat at the movie theater section and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for several minutes. One funny thing I noted is that I work in an industry (Gasoline/Automotive Repair) where the customers are not usually happy. In this candy heaven, everybody was smiling and having a great time. Now I really knew this was home! Victoria said, "It's true, even on our first visit the store gave us that warm fuzzy feeling."

My wife and I were so excited about the store that we had to have our own. After a couple of 3 hour flights and tours of other Powell's Sweet Shoppe locations up and down the coast and the one located in Boulder, Colorado, my wife and I were sure that this is what we wanted to do. After searching for six long months, we finally located the perfect location in Laguna Niguel, CA.

It took one year and 100's of hours of time from the origination of the idea to the opening of the store. My wife left her full time job to take on the project of opening the store from drawings on the paper to the ribbon cutting on the opening day, all of this while she was pregnant.

I was finally able to have the time of my life decorating with some of my old toys and collectibles. We have a 1939 Tokheim gas pump from the 1920's era and theater seats from a movie theater in Indio, California both part of our decor. My favorite item is a Mid-50's Mueller fire hydrant that was recovered from Main Street Disneyland during a renovation. Lastly, a prized 1956 Chevrolet Panel Truck with the Powell's logo painted on it that is used frequently for shows, parades and events.

With the help of several family members and friends we opened our store on June 18th, 2008. We had over 1000 people waiting in line to get a free Wonka Bar with 5 "Golden Ticket" winners on our Grand Opening. The line was out to the street!  Looking back now, I think we both agree that given the chance we would do it all over in a heartbeat.... well, maybe minus the pregnancy at the same time.

Come on down to say 'Hi' and be sure to check out our party room!

Randall and Victoria Emry