Powell's Lafayette

Our Story

We still remember the first time we walked into Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Windsor, California. It was love at first sight! We were caught off guard by the confusion of smells, sounds, sights, colors, and ALL of those goodies. We were both overwhelmed by the experience and immediately went into sensory overload, loving every second of our walk through Memory Lane, British candy section, Gelato, candy cigarettes, Pez and lots, lots more.  Willie Wonka on a flat screen TV, Julie Andrews on the radio, and Elvis on a lunch box... this was nothing short of candy heaven.

We were hooked right then and there! We couldn't decide what to take home with us, so we made the only decision that made sense: WE WOULD JUST HAVE TO BUY THE ENTIRE STORE:) So here we are with our very own Powell's in Lafayette. Powell's to us is more than just another candy store. It has become a part of our family, integral to our lives. A place where we live our passion.

We would love to show you our store and invite you to join us when you're in the neighborhood. Come share our dream come true.

Zeina & Nabil Hissen