Powell's Clovis

The story of Powell's Sweet Shoppe of Clovis was created in a feeling that one piece of candy brought back to life for me.  As I picked up a Wonka Fun Dip and shouted to my sister, Bridgetta, standing only inches away "I haven't seen this in 30 years", I was taken back to my childhood.

Hot summer days at Wildwood Pools next to the San Joaquin River meant carefree exploration, laughing with friends, and French fries soaked in ketchup. Powell's Sweet Shoppe had brought me back to simpler place and time cherished in my memory! With that up-lifting experience, the groundwork for Powell's Sweet Shoppe of Clovis began.

It has been a pleasure to work in an environment where the customers experience can be seen, heard and felt throughout the store. Groups of huddled teenagers with non-stop laughing and giggling, someones first taste of Gelato ice cream, the big eyes of a customers first time visit to Powell's, and a grandmother voicing that she has not seen this candy for 60 years. Customer's share their stories and experiences of their old time favorites and we feel honored to listen to them.

We are located around the corner from the movie theater at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis. The store is family owned and operated with a firm belief in friendly customers service. Local schools and organizations are supported by donations and sponsorships. On warm evenings in the summertime, Powell's Sweet Shoppe sponsors movie nights at the community park, where families can enjoy a free evening together watching a classic movie. We are proud to provide a place where the communities of Clovis and Fresno can feel "like a kid in a candy store!"

Enjoy the Experience!

Scott W. Smith