Powell's Sweet Shoppe has been featured on the regional TV shows, Evening Magazine, In Wine Country, and written about twice as one of the great candy stores of the Western United States in Sunset Magazine. Here is what others have said about us:

Powell's Sweet Shoppe is the Smithsonian of candy stores. I was drawn as if by tractor beam.
- John Flinn, Executive Travel Editor San Francisco Chronicle

If you haven't been to Powell's Sweet Shoppe, what's wrong with you! Powell's is a magical place, where a walk down memory lane is never sweeter.
- The Press Democrat

Powell's is to candy what cathedrals are to God.
- The Bohemian

Powell's Sweet Shoppe is a wonderland of nostalgia & a place where everyone, of every age, can indulge.
- Channel 5 Evening Magazine

Powell's Sweet Shoppe is a great candy store. Willy Wonka plays all day, but the film has nothing on this store.
- Sunset Magazine

Powell's is really, really, really great. It has a million, trillion, zillion candies. I think I could eat everything in here.
- Kade O'Reilly, age 5, Novato

Local resident Megan McDonald, author of the award winning children's series, Judy Moody, features Powell's Sweet Shoppe in her latest book, Stink and the Incredible Super Galactic Jawbreaker.